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Meridian One Consulting The shadow of Mt Blanc on the horizon in line with
        l'Aiguille du Bionnassy, dawn July 2005

About Meridian One Consulting

Meridian One Consulting offers system and software design, development and consultancy for speech and digital signal processing applications. With many years of experience Meridian One Consulting brings the extra resources and expertise you need to enhance your product development.

Meridian One Consulting was created by John Rye in 2006. Meridian One acquired the Orpheus TTS engine from Dolphin Oceanic Ltd. Meridian One then radically redeveloped Orpheus to match its new worldwide market and web-based distribution, and is available from our Meridian One Speech Products pages.

Orpheus is unique in its ability to render highly intelligible speech at the fastest talking rates: a real benefit to people who use speech day-in day-out to access on-screen text. Orpheus is favoured by many blind and visually impaired users of desk and laptop devices throughout the world.

Orpheus TTS and Orpheus TTS Plus can be downloaded for free 30-day evaluations. Activation licences for unlimited use can be purchased by clicking on the Activate Now button on your installed Orpheus control panel. Alternatively, you can select links on this site's products page to buy your low-cost license.

The technology employed in Orpheus has many other applications. Watch this site for their development.

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