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Meridian One Consulting The shadow of Mt Blanc on the horizon in line with
        l'Aiguille du Bionnassy, dawn July 2005


Picture of wall, plaque and ring, Portmeirion, (c) 2008 John Rye

Meridian One Consulting provides design, development and management consultancy for real-time software and digital signal processing solutions for speech, audio and general applications. Meridian One can also assist you in answering other questions, for instance about potential markets, the product itself, its delivery system, quality control and related strategic issues for your business.

Meridian One has helped its clients find answers to these questions and put the solutions in place.

For Instance:

Meridian One successfully completed a study for Intrasonics ltd of Cambridge to investigate the response of speech codecs in 3G mobile phones subjected to audio signals carrying hidden-data for audio watermarking and other applications. Test systems were developed in MATLAB and novel and existing hidden-data techniques were evaluated with the aim of extracting hidden-data from the codec bit-stream.

Meridian One recommended the approach and best way forward for the client resulting in a patent application, (publication number: WO 2008/145994 A1).

Meridian One successfully completed a series of projects for one of the major US Automotive OEMs to develop software for in-car control of text-to-speech (TTS) in driver menu presentation and selection applications. The client was engaged in an evaluation of speech feedback for the presentation of secondary driver information in the in-car environment. Meridian One was chosen to develop the software for the control of Orpheus TTS Plus and other TTS engines used in the evaluation.

In addition to the software design and development, Meridian One provided expertise in the operation and management of TTS resources and the manipulation of speech synthesis needed for efficient menu tracking. Meridian One designed the system and developed the software to allow rapid menu tracking and selection. For instance the design minimises latency - the delay between user action and the TTS speaking pertinent information. The system also exploits the fast speech abilities of Orpheus.

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