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You have successfully purchased an activation codes pack for Orpheus TTS Plus or Orpheus TTS. Your activation codes will be emailed to you shortly. Please store the codes securely should you need to re-activate any of your installed copies of Orpheus.

Orpheus TTS User Group

Why not join, or encourage users of the licenses you have bought, to join a user group dedicated to users of Orpheus text to speech?  The group is for friendly and helpful discussion between users of the Orpheus and its SDKs.  Meridian One will occasionally monitor the group and may submit input, responses or further information.  Plain text messages are preferred and attachments are blocked.

To join the Orpheus user group, please complete the form below.

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Alternatiively, ask the licence users to visit the Orpheus support page at from where they may join the group.

Please continue to browse the rest of this site to find out more about text-to-speech, or about Orpheus and fast speech.

Visit the FAQs pages for tips on installation and activation.

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