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Orpheus TTS Version 3.06 Download


Orpheus TTS speaks 25 languages with special fast-talking synthetic voices. It is compatible with Microsoft Speech API Version 5.x, legacy SAPI 4 and Dolphin SAM applications.

System Requirements

For Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, and Vista.

Orpheus TTS is a 32-bit executable and will run under the Windows on Windows 64, WOW64 framework on 64-bit Windows systems.

Download Size 12 MB

Installation Instructions

  • Click on your preferred installation language from the Download list below to download the Orpheus TTS install package to your Downloads folder.

  • Open your Downloads folder. To do this in IE, click Save, wait for the download and security scan to complete then click Open folder. In Chrome, wait for the download and security scan to complete then right click on the download icon and select Show in folder.

  • Run the install package to begin installation.

When installation is complete, the Configure Orpheus TTS control panel pops-up. You can either:

  • (Recommended) Click on Evaluate now to get your 30-day free licence.

  • Or, close Configure Orpheus TTS and successfully finish the installation. You may run Configure Orpheus TTS from the start menu at any time to Evaluate or Activate Orpheus TTS. In the meantime Orpheus TTS will run in 20-minute timed mode.

Note that Windows 7 and 8 User Access Control (UAC) requires installers to ask for permission to "Elevate" to administrator privileges. If the account under which Orpheus is installed is an administrator simply select "Yes" from the UAC dialog when it pops up. If not, UAC will ask for an administrator's log-in password to authorise the installation.

Visit our FAQs page to check for solutions if you experience an install problem.


Click on your preferred installation language to download Orpheus TTS.

You may distribute the downloaded installation package and install on as many machines at home or in the workplace as you need. You can then buy single or multiple licence packs and activate Orpheus TTS for unlimited use on each machine.

Orpheus works as-is with MS Speech API compliant talking applications and screen readers. To work best with Dolphin Computer Access SAM compliant screen readers and talking applications, download and install the free Dolphin SAM driver for Orpheus TTS and Orpheus TTS Plus.

Please Note: the product Help and the example reader remain in English.

Security Notes

You are downloading Orpheus TTS from a trusted and secure webpage over an encrypted secure link. Orpheus TTS downloads and executables are signed with a certificate issued by DigiCert a globally trusted certification authority. Orpheus TTS is also protected by the Software DNA licensing system with additional anti-tamper measures.

Activation Licences

Single activation licences or multiple activation licence packs are available for Orpheus. Choose from a single, home/small office (3 licences) or site (10 licences) pack by clicking on the links below to be taken to our secure payment pages. Choose between a home/small office and a site on the Licence Pack page