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Meridian OneMeridian One Consulting Ltd, and its operations under the trading name Meridian One Speech
SiteThis web site, url: and all its pages
YouThe visitor to this site and/or user of downloaded data, documents or software, from this site

Site Visitors

No personal details of visitors to this site are automatically collected by Meridian One.  Anonymous generic data, such as number of visits and numbers of downloads, for instance, may be collected from site logs and used solely purpose of monitoring the use of the site.

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When Downloading free Evaluation copies of Software, documents or data no personal details such as email addresses are required.  The download is open and anonymous.

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This website uses cookies to help provide you with the best experience we can. Cookies are small text files placed on your computer or mobile phone when you browse websites.

Please read our cookies information page .

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Purchasing Activation Licences

Purchasers of Activation Licences from this site are requested to submit payment details such as a credit card number and expiry date, etc.  These data are handled via secure payment systems of PayPal (c) Ltd.

Purchasers of activation licences are also required to give an email address for the purpose of delivering the purchased Activation Licence. This email address is passed to the SoftWORKZ activation server.  SoftWORKZ has firm legal undertakings not to use them for any other purpose.  See the SoftWORKZ privacy statement.

In addition clients may give contact details, solely for the purpose of customer information.  These details will never be used without your consent.  To ensure this, any forms on this site, now and in the future, that collect data for Meridian One customer databases will have check boxes where you may indicate if you wish to receive information from Meridian One.

No information that personally identifies you is collected without your expressed consent.  If in the future, user registration details are required, for instance to allow restricted access to regions of the site, then such information will be held in strictest confidence by Meridian One.

Meridian One will not pass on any customer details to third parties.

Customer databases may be statistically analysed for trends and properties with the sole purpose of improving products and services.  The results of such analyses may be passed to third parties or put into the public domain.  No individual identity or data, only generic aggregated data, will available from these analyses.

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